Fur Wizard Extra Large Self Cleaning Lint Brush

Fur Wizard is the additional large dust brush with a self-cleaning base that tidies up two times as much dust as well as hair in half the time.

Great Features of the Fur Wizard

Additional and large two-sided– clean up two times as fast– simply just dip, and both sides get cleaned quickly The secret– thousands of mini bristles that imitate fingers ordering every last piece of fuzz or fur

The key is the hundreds of micro bristles that imitate fingers getting hold of every last item of fuzz or fur. The self-cleaning base utilizes its own mini bristles to brush hair wizard tidy, after that simply remove the base clip to clear! Say goodbye to Annoying tape rollers that require so many sheets, or routine dust brushes that are difficult to clean!

No refills are ever required– utilize it over and over again! 

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