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Garage eLockSys | Deadbolt Locking System for Garage Doors – Seen on Shark Tank

The Garage Door Lock system integrates with any opener and garage door to make one complete package.

Standard locks on garage doors can be easily pried, allowing a burglar- undetected access to your home. Cane bolts and hasps installed on the inside of the door provide excellent protection. Make certain each side of the garage door is secured to prevent prying open a crawl space. The door leading from the garage into the house should always be securely locked. The more barriers you provide against the burglar, the better protected you are.

Garage Door Lock is Elocksys Inc.’s patented deadbolt locking system for garage doors.

• Garage Door Lock shuts and locks the garage door if it is left open.

• Garage Door Lock’s safety features include audible and visual warnings before the door closes.

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