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Glam Twirl Automatic Easy Hair Braider and Wrapper!

Glam Twirl is the automatic and easy hair braider and wrapper!

Two great stylers in one with twirling head and wrapping head
Just braid it, wrap it, bead it style your hair a different way every day!

Do you love to try new braid styles for your hair, but can’t quite seem to keep the strands straight? Try the Glam Twirl Fashion Kit and get head-turning braids in seconds. As seen on TV, styling your hair with the Glam Twirl is easy, fast and fun. No more messing with extra clips, confusing tutorials, and braids that won’t stay together.

Gives you double-strand trendy braids
Wraps your braids with brilliant colors to match any outfit
Make 100 dazzling hairstyles

Glam Twirl

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