Gotham Steel Copper Crisper Tray As Seen On TV Non-Stick Baking Rack

Gotham Steel Copper Crisper Tray

The Copper is the awesome non-stick baking rack that fries food in the oven for a  great tasting crisp every time.

With the new Gotham metal Crisper Tray, you’re going to be in a position to cook your food less complicated and also in a much more efficient means.

The Tray could be employed in the oven or on the grill. No dependence on oil or fat. Cook your entire meals equally throughout.

Incorporated in this innovative pan is made of titanium and ceramic non-stick technology that is modern. The ceramic and also titanium allows you to make use of steel utensils without the worry of scratches yet, this frying pan can be dishwasher safe cleaning up simple for you after a home-cooked dish.

Bacon is the perfect food that is messy. Nevertheless, presently using the Gotham metal Crisper Tray, you can actually fry bacon right in your oven because the oil drips to the base of the crisping pan.

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