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Gotham Steel Pasta Pot Glass Lid and Built in Strainer!

Copper Gotham Steel Pasta Pot Perfect Straining & Delicious Meals Every Time!

Easily start straining pasta with the Pasta Pot! Don’t strain food the hard way. It’s not fun when your noodles or veggies go down the drain attempting to place an entire pot of food into a  traditional strainer. Using the Gotham Steel Pasta Pot, it will be much easier and safer with the secure cover that sure helps to make draining much easier.

Exactly what would you think if there was a pan that allowed one to strain water from your pasta pot conveniently?

This big 4-quart pot has both big and also little draining pipes holes perfect to make sure that none your food escapes. It is much easier to prepare in this pasta pan without the surplus butter and oils required for other pans.

So whether you are making pasta, macaroni, as well as cheese, vegetables or potatoes, drain liquids easily merely by pouring. Eliminate strainers that produce problems. You will have the ability to make all your favorite meals conveniently utilizing the simple draining pipes approach of Gotham Steel Pasta Pot.

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