Gwee Hygienic Cleaning Tablets and Cell Phone

Gwee – Keeps Your Electronic Devices Clean

Gwee products provide convenient hygienic cleaning of your tablet and cell phone, while also offering a unique dual purpose. The one-of-a-kind products serve as a device kick-stand, energy switch, and touchscreen cleaner.

What is so great about Gwee?

Keeps touchscreens clean and smudge-free
Great for ALL smartphones, cellular devices, tablets, computers & more!
Attaches to your device via magnetic technology for easy access
Features proprietary anti-microbial properties to help you remain safer from infection
Makes a great gift

Gwee Products are Great for:

Laptop computers
Desktop computers
Tablets & iPads
iPods & mp3 players
Cell phones
Reading devices
Handheld gaming devices

Gwee Products

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