HD Mirror Cam – As Seen on TV Dash Cam with Night Mode

The HD Mirror instantly starts upon ignition as well as just stops when the ignition is turned off. When you are out of the car or truck, the motion detection can find even the tiniest vibration, instantly triggering the electronic camera to begin tape-. Track every single activity around your cars and truck with this Automatic Dash Cam.

The HD Mirror Cam is the all-in-one rearview mirror electronic dash webcam. Easy to install, the rotatable camera and wide-angle lens capture everything, also inside the vehicle! The automatic dash webcam documents 720P HD video and crystal-clear sound for as much as 14 hours, while the built-in 2.5 LCD Playback Screen supplies Screen Shut Off mode for distraction-free driving

Unlike various other dash webcams that block your sight as well as become removed, the HD Mirror Cam discreetly fits over any type of rear-view mirror. Simply attach the two soft bands over your existing mirror to hold it in position, mount the sticky wire clips around the edge of the windshield, and plug in the auto adapter … that’s it!┬áImmediately transform your rearview mirror into a dash webcam, giving you clear as well as crisp, high-definition video as well as audio on demand.

The HD Mirror Cam functions wonderful day or evening. The built-in 2.5″ LCD Playback Screen comes with an Ambient Light Sensor which instantly changes the screen according to the strength of light present in your surrounding area, permitting you a crystal-clear view in any lighted problem. For that added presence at evening, the dashboard webcam likewise features unique Night Vision LED which offer the quality as well as safety required for evening driving. The HD Mirror Cam likewise features a One-Touch Photo Snap function, so you can quickly break a photo of the cars and truck’s license plate in front of you.