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HD Mirror Cam – As Seen on TV Dash Camera

HD Mirror Cam Turn Your Rear-View Mirror Into a Dash Cam Instantly!

HD Mirror Cam works great day or night to record crystal clear HD video & adjusts to changing light conditions. Attach to the existing mirror in your car to start recording.

HD Mirror Cam’s built-in video screen will not block your sight. With screen offsetting, you can turn the screen off and still proceed to record. The Adjustable Swivel Lens factors in any instructions so you can turn it around to capture all those impressive minutes inside the car or truck. The 120 ° view Wide Angle Lens records crystal clear video and immediately adjusts from dark darkness to brightest sunshine. Your video clip looks terrific, even during the night!

  • Records Crystal Clear High Definition Video
  • Attaches To Existing Mirror In Seconds
  • Won’t Obstruct Your View Or Detach
  • Swivel Lens Allows You To Capture Video From Any Direction — Even Inside The Car
  • Automatically Adjusts For Different Levels Of Light
  • View Video Immediately Or Download To A Computer
  • Features Motion Detection, One Touch Picture Mode, Image Stabilization, Anti-Glare Dimming, Automatic Start-up & Optional Time/Date Stamp

The swivel lens allows you to capture video from any direction without obstructing your view. The HD Mirror Cam can capture and help you settle incidents quickly!

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