HD Mirror Cam Easily Attaches to Rear View Mirror

HD Mirror Cam As Seen On TV Offer

HD Mirror Cam works great any time of day. Record crystal clear HD video as it adjusts to light altering conditions. Simply attach it the existing mirror in your vehicle to begin taping. The swivel lens allows you to catch video from any direction without obstructing your view.

HD Mirror Cam – Transform Your Rear View Mirror Into a Dash Cam Instantly!


It’s the extraordinary new dashcam developed to attach to your existing rearview mirror! HD Mirror Cam’s unique style conveniently affixes to your existing rearview mirror in just secs and immediately documents both audio as well as video of every little thing that happens. It can record and help you clear up accidents quickly!

Why you should buy the HD Mirror Cam

  • Records Crystal Clear High Definition Video
  • Attaches To Existing Mirror In Seconds
  • Won’t Obstruct Your View Or Detach
  • Swivel Lens Allows You To Capture Video From Any Direction — Even Inside The Car
  • Automatically Adjusts For Different Levels Of Light
  • View Video Immediately Or Download To A Computer
  • Features Motion Detection, One-Touch Picture Mode, Image Stabilization, Anti-Glare Dimming, Automatic Start-up & Optional Time/Date Stamp

HD Mirror Cam’s integrated video display should not obstruct your view and can be removed easily. With the screen off mode, you can still continue recording. The Adjustable Swivel Lens factors in any type of instructions so you can transform it around to catch all those special moments inside the auto. The 120 ° view Wide Angle Lens catches crystal clear video clip and also instantly readjusts from dark shadows to brilliant sunshine so your video clip looks terrific, also at night!

What is the HD Mirror Cam?

It is a dash cam that attaches to your rearview mirror. It detects motion and is easy to install. You can have it set up to auto start when you start your engine. It has night vision and can rotate a full 360 degrees with an endless loop of recording. You can review your video quickly right from the device or download onto a computer or from the flash drive to easily share and also save!

Accidents can happen. With them brings frustration trying to prove who was actually at fault. The HD Mirror Cam provides perfect feedback and detail to eliminate questions. Don’t be mistakenly found at fault. It can also take high-definition photos with a click of a button. This can be very handy too. Like they say “a picture is worth a thousand words”.

Having a dash cam in your vehicle can be very beneficial. It records what is going on. With this not only video but also in the audio in high-definition. The way it’s attached it makes it Universal you just stretch it along with your existing rear view mirror and now it’s attached and every single time you turn the car on it starts recording every single time.

For those long drives and once-in-a-lifetime trips, you can have the camera record beautiful fall foliage or beautiful coastline. With the touch of a button, you can take a picture. There are so many great features with this dash cam.