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Himalayan Dog Chew

Co-founders Nishes Shrestha and Suman Shrestha discovered a healthy dog snack when
they met for dinner in 2003. Suman spotted Nishes’ dog chewing on Himalayan hard cheese. Out of curiosity, the founders tried the cheese on their friends’ and families’ dogs.

The positive response encouraged them to do extensive research on cheese for canines, which they engaged in for four years. On September 2, 2007, Himalayan’s first product – Himalayan Dog Chew – was sold at a dog show fair in Bellingham, Washington.

After producing Himalayan Dog Chews in Nishes’ kitchen for three months, the operation moved to Seattle under Sujan Shrestha’s leadership in January 2008. They now distribute our products to over 5,000 retailers.

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