Hooked On Phonics Award Winning Program Teaches Kids to Read

Hooked On Phonics Helps to Improve Your Child’s Reading Skills

Perfect for kids just learning, ready to jump ahead, or struggling to keep up. 

Hooked on Phonics is the world-famous and award-winning education program teaching kids how to read for over twenty years. This carefully designed and perfected eight-week program will improve your child’s reading skills.

Three-time winner of both the National Parenting Seal of Approval and the Teachers’ Choice Award, Hooked on Phonics is the proven method to boost reading skills and comprehension.

Hooked on Phonics is not only educational but also fun — kids become better readers while they play. Not only will you witness your child’s education improve, but you will also notice
Your child will want to read, finding it fun and exciting.

You can see results in your child immediately with Hooked on Phonics.

Hooked on Phonics

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