Does It Work?

Hot Stamps Hair Glitter – Does It Work? KOTA News

We are testing the Hot Stamps Hair Glitter. It says you will be able to make your hair glitter and stand out with two cool designs. See if it works.

Does It Work – Hot Stamps Hair Glitter

Mom Megan Ackeret loves helping her daughters make statements with their hair.

Eight-year-old Sophie and nine-year-old Bella want to know if the “Hot Stamps Hair Glitter” is something they would like to add to their routine.

“It was like, ‘mom, mom, we have to try those.’ Because we’ve done the chalk and that kind of stuff,” Megan said.

The “Hot Stamps Hair Glitter” says just press and dazzle. In no time, your hair will be full of designs. We bought two online for $27.92. That includes shipping.┬áThe instructions say to press the stamps on a paper towel before using them on your hair.

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