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Hurricane Spin Mop and Bucket As Seen On TV

The Hurricane Spin Mop is an awesome a system that cleans practically everything and anything and uses the patented centrifugal spinning dryer technology.

This helps to ensure you are using a clean mop and leaving your floors spic and span. It has spins 360 degrees with a rotating action that cleans and polishes!

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  1. hurt tankers reach safe waters after Gulf attacks

    Dubai (AFP) Two damaged tankers arrived safely Sunday at locations off the Emirati coast every time they were rocked by explosions in Gulf waters, In an incident Saudi Arabia blamed on its local arch rival Iran.

    The Japanese owned Kokuka Courageous was carrying highly flammable methanol through the Gulf of Oman on Thursday when it came under attack and also the Norwegian operated Front Altair the second assault in a month in the strategic shipping lane.

    US web design manager single ukraine ladies Donald Trump has said the operation had Iran “Written within it” Rejecting Tehran’s vehement denial and Washington’s key Gulf ally Saudi Arabia has also lashed out against Tehran.

    In his first public comments given that the attacks, Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman said in remarks published Sunday that he wouldn’t normally hesitate to tackle any threats to the oil rich kingdom.

    “We do not want a war in your neighborhood. But we won’t hesitate to address any threat to our people, associated with sovereignty, Our territorial integrity and our vital fascinates, He told pan Arab per day Asharq al Awsat.

    He said Iran had responded to a visit to Tehran by Japan’s pm Shinzo Abe “By targeting two tankers, one of which was Japanese,

    Abe had been on an unmatched visit to the Iranian capital in a bid to defuse tensions between Washington and the Islamic republic when the attacks took place.

    The US military on Friday released grainy footage it said showed an Iranian patrol boat getting rid of an “Unexploded limpet mine” From japan vessel.

    On friday, It said Iran had unsuccessfully tried to shoot down a US drone on a surveillance mission adopting the attack on the Kokuka Courageous.

    The vessel’s Singapore based BSM Ship Management said in an announcement Sunday that it had “Arrived safely at the given anchorage” And that its crew were “safe and well,

    Vital river

    the other ship, the top Altair, Was under safe tow by tug boats within the direction of an area off the coast of the eastern Emirati port of Fujairah.

    “First inspections are under way and no hot spots have been identified i really hope fire, While all crew affiliates were in Dubai, The vessel’s owners said in an announcement Sunday.

    Russia on Sunday warned in the direction of making “Baseless accusations” during these attacks.

    “Such incidents can undermine the foundations around the world economy, Said Kremlin spokesperson Dmitri Peskov.

    Thursday’s attacks developed southeast of the Strait of Hormuz, A vital corridor connecting the energy rich states of the middle East to the global market.

    Iran, Which is troubled with crippling US sanctions, Has repeatedly warned in the past it can easily block the strait in a relatively low tech, High impact countermeasure to any attack by the us.

    Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Sunday vowed the US would make sure the strait remains open, Without detailing what options Washington is taking to protect shipping.

    “What you should assume is we are going to guarantee freedom of navigation throughout the strait, He said in a Fox News tv interview.

    before Sunday, Iran’s parliament speaker said that Washington happens to be behind the “distrustful” Tanker conditions, the official news agency IRNA reported.

    The moves “Seem to fit the economic sanctions against Iran, due to the fact (united states) Has not achieved any results from them, He told congress.

    ‘Iran with its proxies’

    The Saudi crown prince also falsely accused “Iran and its proxies” Over May 12 attacks on four tankers moored in the Gulf of Oman off the UAE port of Fujairah.

    Attacks on Saudi Arabia by Iran aligned Yemeni rebels have further fuelled tensions in your community.

    on Friday, the kingdom intercepted five drones launched by the Huthi rebels, A Riyadh led coalition spoken, In a second assault on an airport in the nation’s southwest in two days.

    The drones localised Abha airport, Where a rebel missile on saturday left 26 civilians wounded, And the nearby town of Khamis Mushait, Which houses an international airbase, The coalition stated.

    A Yemeni rebel drone focusing on Abha was also intercepted Saturday, But it caused no casualties or damage.

    The US military said in its record Sunday that one of its drones was shot down over Yemen by Huthi rebels on June 6.

    specific rebels, Who have faced serious coalition bombing since March 2015 that has exacted a heavy civilian death toll, Have stepped up attacks across the border in recent weeks.

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