Hurricane Windshield Wizard As Seen On TV

Hurricane Windshield Wizard – Spray & Clean Your Windshield With This Amazing All-In-One Tool!

Hurricane Windshield Wizard cleans all your car’s glass like a magic wand! Quickly spray and clean all in one.

Hurricane Windshield Wizard is perfect for the car, windows, mirrors, even stainless steel. The secret is the specially designed handle that fills with plain tap water and dispenses at the touch of a button. No more harsh glass cleaners or chemicals or straining to clean dirty windshields. Hurricane Windshield Wizard is a fantastic all-in-one cleaning tool!

  • Pivoting Head Makes Cleaning Easy
  • Dispenses Water At The Touch Of A Button
  • Quickly Spray and Clean All In One
  • No More Harsh Chemicals or Expensive Cleaners
  • No More Hard To Reach Places
  • Perfect For the Car, Windows, Mirrors, Even Stainless Steel
  • Microfiber Bonnets Are Washable & Reusable

Hurricne Windshield Wizard