Hypnotic Gastric Band: Experience Rapid Weight Loss and Crave Less Food Effortlessly with Hypnosis and Meditation

Shrink your stomach without ever going under the knife. Feel fuller faster through hypnosis that guides you through a virtual and painless gastric band surgery – one that will forever change how much you eat. These hypnosis sessions are all about regulating portions in a natural and highly effective way by engaging your subconscious in the process.

  • Naturally lose weight fast and train your brain to eat less
  • Feel fuller quicker during meals, eat smaller portions and develop healthier eating habits

The audiobook includes:

Gastric band hypnosis: mentally undergo a surgical procedure that inserts a gastric band into your stomach, shrinking its capacity and helping you feel fuller faster. Since it does not require actual surgery, it is 100% safe, while effectively convincing your subconscious mind that your stomach is now smaller and needs less food.

Portion control hypnosis: achieve a healthy mindset about food portions so you can reach your goals faster and more easily.

Each session is approximately 10 to 15 minutes long. With hypnosis, you can reach your desired weight, feel healthier and stay in shape for life with the right mindset.

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