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Ice Age Meals – Keep it Paleo – Frozen Meals on Shark Tank

Ice Age Meals Seen On Shark Tank

Their purpose is simple – they’re preparing food that meets your nutritional goals and tastes great at the same time.

In an ideal world, people would have time to roam the grocery store and browse the farmer’s market, choosing the perfect vegetables to pair with their perfect cuts of meat. They would amble home and lovingly prepare healthy, fortifying meals for themselves or their families.

Reality check – no one has that kind of time, at least not every day. So how do you stay nutritionally on track on a random Wednesday when everyone’s blood sugar is dangerously low, the cupboards are bare and someone starts digging for the frozen pizza? Three magical words, friends – frozen Paleo meals.

ice age meals

That’s exactly what Ice Age Meals are. These babies are frozen Paleo meals designed for folks who love to cook well and eat well, but don’t always have the time to make it happen. read more…

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