INST Teeth Whitening Activated Coconut Charcoal Powder 2.1 ozs 100% Natural Coconut Carbon Powder – Whiten Teeth Stains from Coffee,Cigarette,Wine with No Harm – Fresh Mint Flavor (1PCS)

ORGANIC ACTIVATED CHARCOAL: The natural coconut carbon powder has a great adsorption and the highest effectiveness in whitening stains caused by coffee, wine, chocolate, coke, cigarettes, etc.

100% NATURAL INGREDIENTS: All ingredients of the powder are made from natural and healthy materials. It is suitable for different kinds of teeth even sensitive teeth.

SAFE FOR EVERYONE: The teeth whitening powder protects your teeth by the way of strengthening teeth enamels. Be safer than teeth whitening strips, gels, pens, lights and other teeth whitening products that may strip your teeth enamel.

GOOD FOR GUM HEALTH: Constantly and correctly use the teeth whitening powder to distinctly whiten teeth and improve your gum health. Descaling, Prevent bad breath, Inhibiting dental plaque, Prevention of periodontal disease, Remove bad breath, Fresh teeth

BREATH FRESHENING: The Activated Charcoal powder contains natural spearmint which helps to freshens breath. You will be confident in talking and smile with fresh breath. Bright teeth are good for enhancing your conversation charming.

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