As Seen On TV, Infomercials, Television Commercials

Internet Marketers Advertise From TV Commercials

Unless you don’t have a television set, you must have seen Vince Offer in his Sham-Wow Commercial. He very energetically promotes these very absorbent clothes. His job is to get you excited about the product so much that you will want to buy it.

Commercials are known to be just a few minutes long while infomercials usually run between 30 minutes to 60 minutes. Did you know one of the first infomercials was aired in 1984, which marketed Ginsu blades?

Many of the traditional infomercials and television commercials use catchy phrases and well know celebrities to host their ads. They hope that the catchy phrase stays with the viewer and using a celebrity pitch-person will give more confidence in the product. Catchy phrases can also work well on radio broadcasts.

There are books you can buy regarding the popularity of “As Seen on TV” products. The book by Lou Harry and Sam Stall highlights many items such as the flowbee and the Chia Pets.

Some DRTV Companies feel instead of using a celebrity to endorse the product, the viewer will give more weight to a product if it is endorsed by actual consumers of the product.

If you watch a commercial or infomercial many times during the ad they will provide a telephone number or website for you to purchase throughout the program. If you did not write the number or website down and later on decide that you would like to buy the product or find out more about it you can do a search for the product name on the Internet. You are sure to find many websites offering the same offer you have seen on tv online.


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