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Is Shark Tank Helpful Or Hurtful?

shark tank

It has been said that the American show Shark Tank was based on a tv show from the UK called Dragon’s Den. Are you ready to swim with the sharks?

In addition to licensing her own goods, Lisa also known as the queen of QVC says she can tell right away if a product is a hit or a loser. She has helped many to get brand licensing on their products and helped them to become successful entrepreneurs. a

Shark” Daymond John, founder of FUBU clothing. On one of the episodes instead of bidding on a young child’s fashion line he agreed to be the boys mentor. This boy is sure to become a great success in the fashion business under the direction of Daymond John. I believe Daymond saw himself in this boy.

Shark Tank is a  tv series where five successful business entrepreneurs hear small business proprietors and business owners pitch their suggestions  and products with the hopes of securing a financial investment and guidance from one or all of these sharks.

Kevin Harrington is an American business owner and business exec known as the innovator of the informercial and for the founding of “As Seen On TV”. products. He has been a Shark on previous series of this hit tv show.

Some business owners have been made to look very sketchy and have shown some very strange products. But even thou some real interesting products did not get a bite from a shark, they still managed to become very successful just from appearing on the show and getting the notoriety they needed from the millions of viewers.

One of the most popular products to appear on the show is called the scrub daddy. It really is an amazing sponge for cleaning. I bought one of these and I love the product.

The show gets really entertaining when the Sharks get into bidding wars. Some egos and feelings get hurt at times. Do you have the next great invention?

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