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Kiss My Keto MCT Oil – Derived Only from Non-GMO Coconut Oil, 32 oz Glass Bottle w/Pump

Use MCT oil to the fullest and make all your drinks or meals much healthier with a pair of pumps! It comes in a 32oz glass container to keep your MCT oil safe and secure without the fear of BPA and plastics.

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Convert Energy Into Ketones, Caprylic Acid for Ketogenic, Paleo, Vegan Diets, Enhance Performance and Ketosis

BOOST ENERGY, IMPROVE MOOD & ENDURANCE & ENHANCE DIGESTION: MCT is fast fuel for your mind and muscles without the high levels of caffeine or the accident.

MCT is rapid fuel for your brain and muscle mass without the high levels of caffeine or the jitters. Experience much better digestion and nutrient absorption with caprylic oil, optimal if you’re on the ketogenic diet regimen. Fill up your coffee and energy banks and feel much more energetic than ever before! Better mood, more smiles, and even more clear reasoning.

Better state of mind, more smiles, and also more clear thinking. MCTs FOR PALEO as well as ketogenic dieters and fasters.

Pharmaceutical quality non-GMO MCT oil is the supreme oil.

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