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Knot Out Pet Comb Grooming Tool Remove Hair Knots and Tangles

Knot Out removes your pets’ knots & tangles easily without the pulling, pain or stress. Powered rotating blades remove knots instantly with the touch of a button!

At the touch of a button, the rotating blades instantly remove knots

Safety teeth prevent the blades from coming into contact with skin
Faster, easier grooming and a better experience for you and your pet
Maintain a well groomed appearance without the professional price tag
Great for all long hair cat and dog breeds!Your pet requires regular grooming but it’s so much work! Traditional combs and grooming tools can pull and hurt your pet and groomers are so expensive! But now, there is Knot Out™, the at home pet grooming tool that removes knots with the press of a button. The secret is in the small recessed blades that instantly eliminate knots for faster, easier grooming! Knot Out™ is also super safe, even if your pet moves while you are grooming, the safety teeth prevent the blades from coming into contact with skin! Now you can maintain a well groomed appearance without all the pulling, tugging and struggling!


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