Kombucha Home Brew Kit – Includes Kombucha SCOBY & Strong Starter Liquid

High Quality Without The Cost – We use high-quality loose leaf tea and sugar paired with custom supplies like fitted cotton tops to eliminate fraying (no cheap cheesecloth here!), a US-made temperature gauge, reusable tea bag, and a US-Made, USDA Food Grade glass brew jar.

Just The Essentials – We designed this kit to be precisely what you need to get up and brew kombucha quickly and efficiently while ensuring you make the best tasting, healthiest kombucha.

Organic SCOBY & Start Liquid – Our thick and healthy SCOBY’s are a minimum of half an inch thick and come with eight oz. Of potent starter liquid. Many SCOBY’s in lower-cost kits online is typically half the weight or less than they should be – trust us, we’ve ordered them all. Nothing affects the quality of your kombucha more than your SCOBY and starter liquid.

Make Delicious Kombucha at Home with our USA Made 1 Gallon Glass Brew Jar, Temp Gauge, and Custom Tea Blend!

Looks and Brews Great – Don’t buy a low-cost brewing kit that looks like a 4th graders science project. Our equipment offers a refined look with an incredible user experience from start to finish.

Detailed Instructions & Recipes – Our step-by-step instructions are complete and thorough. Unlike other bargain kits available, we don’t leave you in the dark searching elsewhere for online tutorials. We even include recipes for adding your favorite flavors!


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