Kombucha Kit PLUS Organic Starter Tea For Brewing Healthy, Delicious, DIY Kombucha Tea

If you’re tired of spending half your paycheck on store-bought kombucha bottles at $5 a pop, this organic kombucha starter kit with SCOBY can save you.

You’ll never have to pay for store repurchased kombucha. NOTE: This Starter Kit Does NOT Include a brewing jar. For those looking for next-level brewing… Check out our Kombucha on Tap System instead!

PROTECT WHAT YOU AND YOUR FAMILY DRINK -Up until now, you had to trust whatever the commercial kombucha companies told you about what was inside their kombucha. You had no control over the strength, sugar content, or how your kombucha was bottled or flavored. Now imagine having total control of the process, experimenting with new flavors every day! Kids think it’s a fun science project, and you’ll be known as the cool parent that makes education fun and delicious (while their gut flora rebuilds).

THE ONLY GIFT THAT HAS YOU FEELING HEALTHY, PROUD, AND ACCOMPLISHED ALL DAY LONG -Don’t be surprised if you find yourself naming your kombucha mushroom and checking on your brewing jar multiple times a day. The sense of pride one feels has to be experienced. It makes the best topic of conversation when brought to a dinner party, and you are genuinely giving someone the gift of health. As a gift, enjoy the look on their face when they open up their package and realize what you just got them.



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