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Laser Hair Growth Cap – RedRestore Max Laser Cap – Hair Regrowth Treatment

RapidTreat ™ – Ultra Quick Comfort

RedRestore Max Laser Cap

Check out this Laser Hair Growth Treatment Cap. Easily use the laser treatment cap in the comfort of your own home. It provides safe and effective hair growth. Conquer your hair loss problem now with this Industry Leading Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) Hair Growth Cap.

Ready. Set. Grow! Treatments are as smooth as using your laser cap for just 30 minutes, 2-3 times weekly. Your hands-free system features a practically automated session timer and a 100% portable battery bank—New and enhanced hair growth. Just put on and wear your RedRestore MAX Laser Cap for the short amount of time it takes to make a cup of joe.

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What is Cellular Advantage?

FDA-cleared RedRestore’s MAX Laser Cap is for both males and females that use clinically verified laser technology to deal with the genetic loss of hair (androgenic alopecia). Experience optimum development with the enhanced power of non-invasive, free of pain 272 clinical-powered lasers to regrow your healthiest, thickest, and fullest hair.

RedRestore MAX Laser Cap – 272 Laser Diodes (650nm)

  • 272 Medical Grade Lasers
  • Maximum Laser Coverage
  • 30-Min RapidTreat™ Sessions
  • 330%+ More Laser Power
  • 6-Month Full Money Back Guarantee
  • 510k FDA-Cleared Device
  • Hands-Free & Portable
  • Discreet At-Home Treatments
  • Zero LEDs
Redrestore Max Hair Laser Cap

Exactly How Does Laser Therapy Help with Hair Loss? LLLT Promotes Hair Growth!

Your very own body can turn light right into cellular energy. Red laser light is soaked up by your hair follicles, improving your cell’s metabolic rate and raising energy production. Compromised cells are rejuvenated, and existing healthy cells can continue to grow. The growth stage of the hair growth cycle is expanded, and weaker hair follicles can begin to grow back brand-new hair.

Laser Cap For Hair Growth Cost

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Experience the Power of MAX Hair Laser Growth Cap Today!

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