LENA Geniecurl Auto Hair Curling Wand with Ceramic Ionic Barrel

Easy curl with the long-lasting result – Complicated Made simple and suitable for users of all ages with or without any experience. Follow instructions and enjoy your new look in minutes.

Heat protection cover – double-layered heat protection cover is designed to prevent burning on your Fingers or face, ideal for long hair styling as well as short-hair users who need to hold the wand close to the facial skins.

Two-way swirling – Choose the left spin/ right spin button to style your hair in your desired direction to get your fabulous new look.Tourmaline heating barrel ensures extra ion care and minimal hair damage for long-lasting shining look.

Anti-stuck mechanism – Smart sensors installed in every unit to automatically cutoff the power when it senses pulling or Tangling Beyond threshold. Prevent pulling and damage to your hair.

Smart Anti-stuck Sensor, Professional Hair Curler Styling Tool for Long and Short Hair