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Liift 4 from Beachbody Fitness Work Out Only 4 Days a Week!

LIIFT 4 The Ultimate 4-Day-A-Week Body Shred!

The Ultimate 4-Days-A-Week Body Shred!

Only 4 Days A Week?

That’s how efficient and effective these workouts can be. LIIFT4 is an innovative fat-burning, a muscle-defining program that delivers exceptional results while taking very little time out of your life. Celebrity trainer Joel Freeman has busy clients who can’t work out six days a week for over 1 hour per session. So he developed a unique combination of lift and HIIT training that targets your chest, triceps, back, biceps, shoulders, legs, glutes, and core—all in around 30 minutes a day—for just four days a week. And for a limited time, you can try the program FREE.

Beachbody Liift 4
LIIFT 4 – Lift, Hit, Rest, Repeat, Just 4 Days A Week!

How will YOU look and feel 14 days from now?

Will you be on your way to getting in the best shape of your
life? Or will you still be sitting on the fence thinking about it?

“It won’t always be easy,” Joel says. “You won’t always like me. You probably will find yourself talking back to the screen and saying some choice words. But you are going to LOVE your results!”

Joel Freeman Trainer has proven that LIIFT4 works for men and women of all ages and fitness levels. Now, he wants to prove it to you.

With 14 days FREE, you have nothing to lose. Every major transformation has a beginning. Are you ready for yours?

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