Luma Candles Real Wax Vanilla Scented Color Changing LED Candles

Luma – The Real Wax Fresh Vanilla Scented Color Changing LED Candles

Luma Candles are made from pure paraffin wax that gives off a fresh vanilla scent without any flame and is cool to the touch. The included remote lets you change between 12 illuminating colors that provide 100,000 hours of candlelight that comes with a 4 or 8-hour timer setting. Luma Candles are a safe, relaxing way to enjoy candlelight that make your home feel like a spa vacation.

12 illuminating color options
Safe, no flame, cool to the touch
Made from real paraffin wax
Fresh vanilla scent
No mess, spills or drips
4 or 8 hour timer setting
Provides 100,000 hours of candle light
Make the perfect gift year round

Luma Candles