LuminAID PackLite Terra Solar Inflatable Camping and Emergency Lantern

EXTRA BRIGHT LED LANTERN – Lightweight, blow up, and portable, yet supplies over 75 lumens of intense LED light on Turbo mode. LONG BATTERY LIFE-Provides about 24 hrs of light on Low setting when the battery is completely charged, making this solar lantern excellent for camping, outside recreation, and emergency situations. Select from 5 brightness setups depending on the hrs of light and brightness needed. SOLAR RECHARGEABLE- Recharges in around 10 hrs of direct outside sunlight(approximately 1-2 days relying on the area as well as the time of year).

FUNCTIONAL-Lightweight, as well as collapsible, makes this very easy to take or keep anywhere. Use the hassle-free bring to take care of to daisy chain or caribiner to a knapsack while treking. Pumps up to 4.75″cube and loads down to 1″extensive. This light is fantastic for outdoor camping, treking, emergency readiness, in the auto, and also enjoying in the pool. The PackLite Nova never ever heats up and also obtains warm, so it’s entirely safe to use in camping tents, resting bags, as well as with kids.WATERPROOF, SHATTERPROOF, and also DURABLE-Made from sturdy, sturdy TPU to sustain hard environments. It is 100 %waterproof and dustproof.LuminAID PackLite Terra Solar Inflatable Lantern

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