Luminess Air Cosmetics Air Brushing

The Luminess Airbrush Makeup SystemAirbrushAirbrush makeup brings the airbrushing technique from the runway to the home.

Seamlessly apply a soft and even layer that matches your skin tone with the gentle .

No matter the skin tone, every woman could use a little help looking their best. Celebrities, models, and actors get the royal treatment from their makeup artists, so why shouldn’t you!?


Most makeup artists’ secret weapon is their kit. Luminess Air takes the same technology used in Red Carpet makeup application and makes it easy for you to replicate these fabulous, flawless looks at home.

This is the same airbrush system used on TV, FILM and PRINT to help make the celebrities look extremely flawless. Now Luminess Air brings PROFESSIONAL technology home for everyone to use. It’s fast, easy and the results are BREATHTAKING.

The entire Luminess Air Ssystem weights only 1.5lbs! Use it everyday or take it with you while traveling. No assembly required.




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