Magic Mesh Double Door- Hands Free Magnetic Screen Door, Fits French & Sliding Doors


Hands-Free opens up then closes itself behind you, permitting you to walk quickly via also when your hands are complete. Magic Mesh can be made use of as a replacement for a taken care of display door and also fits front, rear, interior or exterior, entry, patio area, deck, patio, veranda, glass, garage, as well as even sliding doors.

Magic Mesh is a remarkable screen curtain that quickly opens without using any hands. It then amazingly closes itself behind you. Magic Mesh is how individuals are keeping fresh air in, while also keeping aggravating pests out. The secret really isn’t magic, it is magnets, 18 magnets that close right behind you without making use of hands. Magic Mesh is wonderful for RVs, sliding doors, as well as single doors due to the fact that anybody can come and go as they please.


Magnets along with hefty task mesh are distinct attributes of the magnetic screen door. MAGIC MESH is now available for single doors, dual doors, & garage doors.