Does It Work?

Magic Pens Do They Work? KFVS12 Story

Anyone with kids has likely seen the commercials for Magic Pens by Wham-O. The markers claim to change color and erase like magic, but do they work?

Each package of Magic Pens contains nine color-change markers, nine erasable markers, two “magic pens” and a blow pen to enable airbrush art.

To test this we tapped the artistic talents of 11-year-old Zana Riggs of Cape Girardeau. Riggs had seen the commercials and admitted she had been dying to see what Magic Pens could do.

“It’s pretty cool that you can do secret messages,” Riggs said. “And I’d be able to erase when I mess up.”


Shock Proof tips
Use on any paper
Great for coloring books
Lasts for years
Colors never smudge or run
Save money


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