Magic Tracks RC with Remote Control Glow in the Dark Turbo Race Cars

Magic Tracks is the Amazing Racetrack That Can Bend, Flex & Glow

Magic Tracks is the amazing racetrack that can bend, flex & grow, as you change the track into any shape or pattern. Simply snap the pieces together and have a custom speedway in seconds, while the LED light-up race cars keep the track glowing. Magic Tracks glows super bright in the dark and rolls up for simple storage.

Amazing Tracks That Bend, Flex as well as Glow! Quick Connect-Easily Snap Any Track Pieces Together for A Customized Speedway Neon, Glow Track Speedway.

Bend it, Curve it to the Max! They are the totally new amazing racecourse that bends and also glow as you’ve never seen before. You can flex, flex, as well as curve the track magically in 360 ˚ nonetheless you desire– also while the race vehicle is zooming about. Simply break the pieces together and also you obtain a totally personalized speedway of your own production. And even much better, when you turn off the light, Magic Tracks ® glows extremely brilliant!

What are the features of the Magic Tracks?

  • Bend, flex, and curve the track in any direction
  • Just snap the pieces together and in seconds you have a custom speedway
  • Track pieces glow in the dark
  • LED light-up race cars keep the track glowing
  • Rolls up for easy storage

magic tracks as seen on tv

Glows in the Dark Serpentine Technology Allows You to Create Any Shape or Pattern Multi-Function Remote Control -Go, Stop, Turbo, Reverse, Flash, Lights, and also Horn! Glow Trail Technology -Light Charges the Track to Create Amazing Glow Trails Light-Up Race Car with 6 LED Lights -Keeps the Tracking Glowing Bright Compact Design-Roll Up and Take it Anywhere!