Mediflow Water Pillow Reduce Neck Pain & Improve Sleep

Mediflow Water Pillow

Sleep with Mediflow! Quality of Sleep is essential for your health and wellness. Water moves as you move!

The Creation of The Water Pillow by Mediflow

The pillow was great for neck pain. That was the one thing Maurice Bard knew for sure based on having relieved his whiplash injury. The medical community agreed with him, so Maurice turned to the medical and chiropractic community that treated neck pain and built his business with their support. Mediflow serves the healthcare market. Mediflow now supplies pillows to over 10,000 health care clinics.

Waterbase Pillow for Neck Pain

The Water Pillow by Mediflow is the only clinically proven pillow for improved sleep quality and neck pain reduction. The Johns Hopkins School of Medicine concluded that The Water Pillow by Mediflow significantly reduced neck pain and improved quality of sleep. It provides ultimate comfort and the highest quality of sleep.

Mediflow Water Pillow

Super Soft Fiber Floating On Waterbase Technology

  • YOU ARE UNIQUE: Water conforms to the shape of your head and neck for personal comfort.
  • WATER GENTLY MOVES AS YOU MOVE: Back sleeping, side sleeping, or stomach sleeping, water moves as you move. So you don’t have to wake up to adjust your pillow during sleep!
  • SUPER SOFT FIBER FLOATING ON WATERBASE TECHNOLOGY: Combed Fiber for luxuriously soft, comfortable sleep.
  • CUSTOMIZE YOUR SUPPORT FOR ULTIMATE COMFORT: Soft, medium, or firm – Add water!

Waterbase Pillow

This fantastic new Water Pillow Elite combines the best elements from our Elite product line: Durable Corded Edges, 100% Cotton, 300 Thread Count Fabric, and our soft yet supportive Memory Foam and Clinically Proven Waterbase Technology!⠀

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Check Out the Mediflow Water Pillows & Get a Great Night’s Sleep!