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Miracle Blade World Class Knife Set As Seen On TV

These knives will never dull and have comfortable composite handles for easy gripping! They provide additional precision control for quick chopping, slicing, and dicing!

Miracle Blade World Class Chef’s Knife

A straight edge blade quickly prepares all fresh vegetables, even hard vegetables like Butternut Squash or Spaghetti Squash. It has grants for quick release and tri-zone cutting so you can mince, dice, and julienne to perfection. With all-new, perfectly balanced handles, flash forged technology, the Miracle Blade Knives has the right knife for every job. No detail was overlooked when creating this set of knives made to last forever.

Miracle Blade TV Offer

Miracle Blade – The Best Set of Knives You’ll Ever Own!


The stippled edge cuts without tearing, and you’ll get perfect slices every time. Thick or thin, it’s ideal for bread, tomatoes, and everything.

Filet Knife

The boning and filet knife is so flexible that it can cause skin and filet in a heartbeat.

Chop & Scoop

With the thin, flexible blade, chopping and garnishing are fast and easy. The brilliant design of the Chop & Scoop allows you to chop your finest herbs and garnishes and then scoop them up to add to your cooking skillet, salad, or favorite recipe.

  • Never Dull – Never need sharpening
  • Provide Precision Control – For
    quick chopping, slicing, cutting and
  • Comfortable Composite Handles
    – Easy-grip stops slipping and sliding
  • Dishwasher Safe – Quick and
    painless cleanup
  • Attractive Design – Enhances any
    kitchen decor

World Class Knives‘ flash-forged, stainless steel blades sit in easy-to-grip composite handles and preside over culinary duties from a stately wood storage block. The 18- piece set contains nine different types of expertly crafted cutters ideal for steak slicing, truffle shaving, garlic-clove smashing, and so much more!

Special Miracle Blade Knives

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