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Myself Belts Kids One Hand Belt Seen on Shark Tank

Myself Belts is a mom-invented, award-winning line of children’s belts and toddler belts. The easy belts for kids are fashionable and functional, with a design that not only keeps pants up, but teaches and encourages your child’s independence.

The kids belts are perfect for potty training toddlers, preschoolers and teens alike. has easy toddler belts for kids and fashionable styles to choose from, including toddler belts, boys belts, girls belts, and belts for teens. Explore our website to choose from our many different colors and designs of our easy to use, stylish kids belts for all ages!

Myself Belts are belts designed for younger kids. It makes it easy for them to do their belts on their own. Belt kids can fasten themselves..


Myself Belts

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