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Napwell First Sleep Napping Mask Seen on Shark Tank

Napwell Shark Tank Season 6 Episode 14

This sleeping mask will help you take the perfect nap.

The Napwell is the world’s first napping mask. It helps you nap more efficiently by reducing “sleep inertia,” the lousy post-nap headache and grogginess.

Sleep inertia occurs when you’re abruptly awakened in the middle of a sleep cycle, and the Napwell helps solve this problem by using interior lights to gently wake you from sleep via a simulated sunrise.

The Napwell is perfect for anyone seeking to naptimize his or her life. Whether you’re power-napping at work after a mentally taxing morning, resting on the plane between business meetings, or simply catching some shuteye on your couch at home, the Napwell helps you get to sleep quickly, then wake up gently feeling refreshed and ready to go.

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