Shark Tank Products

Nerdwax Wax to Keep Eye Glasses in Place on Shark Tank

Even if you’re coming into this knowing next to nothing, you have to admit that “Nerdwax” is a pretty darn awesome name — it certainly captures your attention, right?

It’s one of those names just the right mixture of vague and interesting, but still sounds like something you might potentially want to own.

So what exactly is it? As it would turn out, Nerdwax is one of Shark Tank’s latest entrepreneurial products and is (as the aforementioned name would suggest) a wax and get this, it helps keep your glasses from slipping down your face (can you say “game changer?”).

It’s kind of genius, if you think about it — what a simple solution to such a pervading (and pesky) problem. If a couple swipes of wax can keep me from pushing my glasses up my nose all day, count me in.

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