New Bowflex LateralX Elliptical

Check out the new Trainer from .  Improve the way you move with the !

LateralX Trainer
Bowflex LateralX

It’s the full-body, low-impact cardio machine that moves in THREE directions, empowering you to move just as you do in daily life. Glide from side to side as you push, pull, stand and squat, activating muscle and burning calories in every workout. Prepare for the movements that matter with the LateralX® trainer.

Improve the way you move with the NEW Bowflex LateralX Trainer.


In as little as 16 minutes, this total-body, guided workout activates muscles and burns an average of 39% more calories than a self-paced elliptical workout. Whether you’re focused on shaping up or just training for life’s challenges, you’ll improve the way you move AND burn more calories.

Burn 39% More Calories


A more dynamic movement means more muscle activation. You’ll target trouble spots like glutes, hamstrings, and quads while working your upper body as well, helping to make you fit, lean, and stronger for everyday activities. LOW IMPACT Train effectively with a unique, low-impact motion that’s smooth and easy. The Bowflex® LateralX® trainer delivers incredible results while providing much less impact on your body than running. Tighten and tone from home – without the jarring impact.