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Night Runner 270 Sneaker and Shoe Light Seen on Shark Tank

Night Runner 207 safely lights the way to run, walk, bike and hike from dusk to dawn!

Night Runner 270 Offers:

Ultra-lightweight LED units (weighing only 1.5 oz. each)
Rear-facing red tail lights to grab motorists’ attention
Night Runner 207 has a Long-lasting 4-hour battery life
Li-ion rechargeable battery with micro-USB charging port
150 total lumens for bright night running
30+ feet of hands-free illumination
270 degrees of visibility guaranteed
Water-resistant, high-impact casing
Secure, multi-position shoelace clips that won’t fall off

Night Runner 207

The Night Runner 207  are cool looking and they add safety to your run or walk in the evening hours.

Whether it’s pouring rain or uneven terrain and you’re in the mood for an adventurous night run, these rugged LED running lights will be ready to guide the way.

All New Seen On Shark Tank Night Runner 207 Light!

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