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Nutrisystem Portion Control Foods That Taste Great!

NutriSystem uses pre-packed portion-controlled foods that taste better and are much healthier. 


NutriSystem offers a greater variety of food options.  Eat Nutrisystem food and lose your unwanted weight!

In addition to the NutriSystem food, you must add some fresh fruits and veggies to round out your meals. Compared to other diets, NutriSystem is a low-fat diet following the glycemic index.


Has Anyone Ever Tried Nutrisystem’s Vegetarian Program

Best Answer: by auditoriumdragon

    My mother did this diet, lost all her weight, and has kept it off, but she exercises a LOT too. 

I tried some of the food, which was totally unpleasant.  Bland and processed, and chemically flavored.  It’s straightforward to make; just heat and eat, and you also eat a lot of salad and yogurt.

I think the most important thing that my mom learned from the diet was about portion control.  The portions are small, so your stomach shrinks, and you are satisfied with less food.

I learned this from “French Women Don’t Get Fat”  I like delicious food, but if eating is just another chore for you want it is for my mom, go for the Nutrisystem.

Good luck.  

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