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Nutrition is a Choice, Choose Wisely, My FitLife & P90X3

Nutrition is a choice, so choose wisely.

My FitLife nutrition articles are few and far between, so when I come across a success story, you best believe I’m going to share it. This week I am pleased to introduce, Jennifer DeSantis, a local elementary music teacher that I met here at one of Orange Park’s group runs. I learned of her nutrition achievement and asked her to share it with our Clay community. In her own words: “I did not have an athletic body and I was definitely overweight in college (freshmen 15 and then some), even though I played sports in high school. Simply, I never considered myself an athlete, or even super fit.”

I came across Beachbody and the P90X3 workout in 2013 – it was the best investment I ever made. I thought if I could complete one of those workouts, then I could consider myself an athlete. Well, I did it. I completed that program and continued my fitness journey.

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