NUWAVE JUBILEE 1800-Watt Double Grill with Flavor-Lock Technology

SEAR at Scorching 525F for PERFECT Grill Marks, Integrated Digital Temp Probe for PERFECT Results, Non-Stick & Removable Plates for Easy Cleaning.

Embedded Heating Coils for Optimal Temp Control and Even Heating, Set Grilling Temps for Top and Bottom Independently, Set & Adjust from 120F to 525F in 5F Increments; Grill 6 Burgers, 4 12oz NY Strip, or 6 8oz Filet Mignon, No Defrosting – Cook from Fresh or Frozen

With the easy press of a switch, you can readjust the cooking temperature level of each Grill Plate separately, giving you total cooking control.


The NuWave Jubilee has the ability to grill meats up to 3 inches thick.

DIGITAL TEMPERATURE PROBE -The Integrated Digital Temperature Probe specifically measures your food’s interior temperature level in 1 ° F increments while cooking and transforms off the device when your collection temperature level is reached. The Jubilee includes advanced digital temperature controls that let you specifically set your temperature between 60 ° F and 475 ° F in 5 ° increments with the simple turn of the dial.

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