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NUWAVE PRIMO Grill Oven with Integrated Digital Temp Probe for Perfect Results

Convection Top & Grill Bottom for Surround Cooking; Cook Frozen or Fresh; Broil, Roast, Grill, Bake, Dehydrate & Air Fry

The PRIMO integrates conduction, convection, and infrared innovation with the grill to prepare foods up to 70% FASTER than traditional cooking while utilizing less power.

EVERY DISH, EVERY DAY- The PRIMO’s cooking technology means you can use it for nearly every dish of the day, as well as dessert! With a cooking array from 100 to 425 degrees, you can broil, roast, grill, sear, bake, air fry, braise, as well as also dehydrate all in one appliance right on your countertop.

The PRIMO cooks until your food is ideal and also after that, closes off immediately, so you’ll never undercook or overcook dishes once more!

✓ 1500-Watt Powerhead
✓ Improved Power Dome
✓ Integrated Temperature Probe
✓ Stainless-Steel Dome Holder
✓ Powered Non-Stick Grill Plate
✓ Manual with Tons Of Recipes

Cook based on the internal temperature of your food in precise 1℉ increments. The Primo shuts off once your meat or poultry hits the desired temp, so your food comes out perfect every time.

EVERY MEAL, EVERY DAY -The PRIMO’s cooking modern technology implies you can utilize it for practically every dish of the day, as well as dessert!

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