Out with new infomercial, MyPillow founder reflects on first fluff

Be careful what you wish for. Sometimes fast sales air all the problems in your company. But at least for Mike Lindell of Minnesota-based MyPillow, they provided valuable lessons learned.

On a mission to build a business out of a pillow he swore to be the most comfortable in the world, Mike Lindell made a bet in October 2011 to join the ranks of the ThighMaster, MagicBullet, and the Snuggie as a best-selling infomercial product of all time.

He’d spent six years trying to sell MyPillows at mall kiosks, state fairs and trade shows. He’d gone broke and foreclosed on his house, gotten a divorce, and struggled with alcohol and cocaine addictions. That was all while perfecting the poly-foam pillow and waiting for sales to take off.

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