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Pet Plan for Dogs & Cats Save Up to 90%

Pet Plan Dog & Cat Insurance

Pet Plan Pet Insurance

Save up to 90% on vet bills with Petplan

Get Comprehensive pet insurance in North America.

Tell them a bit about your pet.

Because pets are family SM

Its mission is to ensure happier, healthier lives for pets and peace of mind for their people by providing the most comprehensive pet insurance coverage in a straightforward plan.

What ages of your pet do they cover? The good news is they cover pets of all ages above six weeks old.

They don’t deny coverage for senior pets. They welcome all dogs and cats six weeks and older and cover any new conditions for all breeds. Families everywhere trust Petplan to provide the most comprehensive coverage when it comes to straightforward pets. Other providers can leave your pet without coverage when they need it the most.

Vet exam fees are covered.

Most pet health insurance providers won’t cover the cost of an excellent urinary exam to treat or diagnose your pet, even for emergency and specialty care. Petplan covers exam fees for injury or illness, saving you $50-$250 on average per visit.

Holistic coverage included

Because we believe all pets should have flexible treatment options, Petplan won’t charge you extra for holistic therapy coverage, unlike some providers. Homeopathy, hydrotherapy, acupuncture, chiropractic care, and laser therapy are covered by our pet insurance when performed by a licensed veterinarian.

Their dental coverage is comprehensive.

Petplan covers dental injuries and diseases for all teeth. Other plans only cover specific teeth or provide no coverage for dental disease. They’ll cover non-routine dental treatments—such as broken teeth or periodontal disease—as long as your pet has an annual dental exam and gets recommended treatment to prevent illness or injury.

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Protect Your Pet with PetPlan, Act Now, and Save Up to 10% for Life!

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