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Plated Delivers Fresh ingredients To Cook a Meal in 30 Minutes.

They make it easy for you to cook a fantastic gourmet meal in thirty minutes or less. Their mission at Plated is to demystify cooking by providing you with a convenient and nutritious way to discover your inner gourmet chef. Save time, explore amazing cuisine, and cook something extraordinary., is a gourmet food service that delivers fresh, locally grown and produced ingredients to your front door.


A weekly box of fresh and seasonal ingredients, pre-portioned for the recipes you choose, so you can create great food with less effort.

Plated was on the new show Beyond Shark Tank. The show updated you on the status of how the business is doing now. They had some things to work on and were able to get these changes done to make the company successful. The business has been around now for 3 years. Mr. Wonderful gave them some great advice to get them back on track!

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