Pocket Hose Original Silver Bullet Water Hose by BulbHead

LEAD-FREE CONNECTORS: Pocket Hose Silver Bullet includes lead-free adapters that make the yard tube suitable for alcohol consumption as well as supplying water to animals.

EXPANDABLE HOSE: The expandable garden hose broadens to a full-size water tube when you transform the water on as well as diminishes back to a Pocket Hose when you turn the water off.

  • Hassle-Free – Expands & Contracts On Its Own
  • Super Lightweight & Will Never Kink
  • Lead-Free So Its Suitable For Drinking
  • Shrinks Back To Size For Easy Storage
  • Strong & Durable – Outer Casing Won’t Snag, Tear, or Wear
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
DURABLE OUTER SHELL: Pocket Hose Silver Bullet’s special Bullet Shell outer case won’t grab, tear, or wear; internal tubing is kink-proof. LIGHTWEIGHT: rubber garden tubes are such discomfort to relocate around your yard.

Expandable Garden Hose That Grows with Lead-Free Aluminum Connectors – Safe Drinking Water Hose (75 Feet)