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Portions Master Plate | Diet Weight Loss Aid | Food Management & Servings Control 125lbs / 57kg

AS SEEN ON TV! Food Portion Plates for Weight Loss to Prevent Overeating: If you struggle with overeating and can’t lose weight, this food portion plate can help you control your serving size with food dividers to help you measure your food portions. This plate shows you how much food you should eat by category of vegetables, lean meats and grains.

Food Portion Plate to Stick to Your Diet and Eat Healthier: Losing weight and improving your health starts with what you eat and how much you eat. Control your food servings with precise portion plates for adults so you can eat healthy even on the go.

Portion Control to Manage Your Metabolism and Health: Preventing overeating can aid in your health management plan. Diabetics and gastric bypass patients alike can benefit from portion control plates for weight loss that help you maintain food portion and blood sugar by helping you visually control how much you can eat without having to count calories.

Portion Plate to Lose Weight and Keep it Off: Food portion control is a long-term weight loss solution that ‘trains’ men and women how much to eat so you can lose weight and keep it off. Eating healthy portion sizes is not only essential to weight loss, but to your health

BPA-Free Recyclable & Dishwasher Safe Portion Plate for Weight Loss: Our portion plate for weight loss is completely dishwasher safe, recyclable and BPA-free.

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