Protect Yourself From Credit Card Fraud & Identity Theft with Card Lock!

is like an armored car for your credit cards, protect yourself.

Protect Yourself From Fraud &

Card Lock is a sleeve that securely protects your credit cards, and fits right into your purse or wallet.

The high tech frequency-blocking polymers are woven into the sleeve, while blocking RFID scanners from getting your personal information.

Card Lock fits easily in your wallet or purse

It’s the easiest, most secure way to protect your cards

Makes it virtually impossible for anyone to steal your information

Blocks RFID scanners and prevents your information from being hijacked

Simply slide your card into the ultra-thin sleeve and put it back in your wallet

High tech frequency-blocking polymers woven into the sleeve

Card Lock makes it virtually impossible for identity theft or credit card fraud, by acting like an armored car for your card.