Radiance Teeth Whitening – Noticeably Whiter Teeth After One Use!

Radiance Teeth Whitening Kit

Do you want to find the secret to a whiter smile? 

Considerably Whiter and Brighter tooth after 1 use

At-home teeth whitening programs can provide whitening results much like those you’ll be able to get through journeying your dentist. That you can curb the number of visits and the cash spent with an at-house tooth whitening method. You can see a similar outcome and have that whiter and brighter smile similar to your favorite celebrities.

Just 3 convenient steps for Brighter Whiter Teeth

Step 1 – Dry your teeth. Rotate the bottom of the click-on pen to dispense gel from the opposite end

Step 2 – Apply the gel directly onto your teeth’s enamel. Avoid lips from contacting enamel for about 30-60 seconds.

Step 3 – Rinse after about 15 minutes. Do not consume or drink for one hour.

With an excellent and focused tip, the gel can also be effortlessly utilized to targeted areas in your teeth, reducing gum contact and irritation. Get the smile you’ve gotten always dreamed of!

The Important Ingredients

Kosher Glycerin – Containing no animal by way of product. It enhances the stabilization of the method for accelerated whitening performance.

Peppermint Oil – This important oil has antibacterial, antiseptic, and may help to relieve pain. Peppermint is claimed to be important for mouth and gum infections. Additionally, it adds a nice, minty cool flavor.

Carbomer – One other tooth whitening agent that works with an oxidizing influence, unlocking your teeth’s whitest color.

The whitening pen helps to remove all unwanted stains and can make your teeth super white and should not cause any agony. It’s suitable even for touchy sensitive enamel!